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Bali Restaurants

Family Friendly Restaurants

Eating out.... In Bali today, you can eat extremely well, and choose from many different national cuisines. Furthermore, the cost is a fraction of what you would pay, for the same quality of food, in any of the world's major cities. When you add to this, for no extra charge, some of the most magnificent dining settings that you could ever imagine, then you know that you really are holidaying in the `land of the gods'. Bali also caters to the kids who want to still have their old favorites such as McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Pizza Hut. The Matahari department stores have food courts which offer a various selection of food at affordable prices. The food court is highly recommended for families, there is a kids play area which will keep them entertained and give the parents a chance to take a break.

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Eating out is one of the great joys on a holiday to Bali .There are so many restaurants to choose from that you can be overwhelmed.

There are a few general tips you should remember. The first being that hotel restaurants are generally more expensive that those on the streets. For example, you are able to have an American breakfast from 5 500 9 000 Rp. which includes fresh fruit juice, tea or coffee, two eggs (any style) with small pieces of bacon, pancakes and usually a fruit platter. Great Value!  The same breakfast can be well over 30 000 Rp in a hotel.

The majority of restaurants use purified water to prepare food and for ice and this has become common in the popular tourist areas. We advise caution when you venture away from these areas.

The local food Nasi goreng (Fried rice) Bakmi or Mie goreng (fried noodles) and Sate Ayam (Chicken satay), are always good value for the kids.  For the unadventurous you can get toasted sandwiches and jaffles just about anywhere . There is a wide range of drinks available. These include soft drinks , Milkshakes and all sorts of fresh fruit juices and smoothies.

Jimbaran Bay

This area is known for its Seafood Restaurants, and is a must for all.

It is made up of a lot of restaurants situated side by side each other and are all literally on the beach. We suggest you get a taxi to take you there or you can organize a driver from outside your hotel to take you there. Everyone knows where the Jimbaran Bay seafood restaurants are so there is no need to worry about getting lost, A lot of the restaurants have a free pick up and drop off service so if you know the name of the restaurant you would like to go to you could phone them direct.

The restaurants all specialize in barbequed seafood and it is fresh daily. If your kids don't love seafood the choice of other food is very limited although quite a few restaurants are now serving Ayam Goreng (Fried Chicken) on the menu. If this is a concern of yours, you may like to ask to look at a menu before you actually decide to sit down. Side dishes of potato, rice, vegetable and sauces are also provided.

It is a good idea to get there early so to beat the crowds and let the kids have a run around in the sand while you watch one of those famous Bali sunsets. It is quite fun listening to the musicians that go from table to table playing and singing your request. It is a great night out for the whole family.

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