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Bali Activities

Family Friendly Activities

Bali....the perfect family holiday island. There’s so much on offer not only for children but the entire family. From elephant rides to white water rafting, not forgetting the beach, there really is something to do, any time, any weather, any day or night for that matter.

Below is a list of some of the Family Friendly Activities we have put together for your enjoyment


An Australian owned company, Air Bali is the leading helicopter and seaplane operator in Bali. We pride ourselves on professionalism, and our fleet of aircraft consists of two Bell 206B JetRanger turbine helicopters and a DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver seaplane. Whether it's a majestic volcano flight, a scenic beach flight, a picnic on your own secluded secret island, a personal helicopter golf transfer or an exclusive hotel transfer to and from the airport, Air Bali is your answer. We take you to great heights in the world's greatest archipelago!
To visit Air Bali's website click here


The Sling Shot is an experience that everyone can enjoy, from those who are afraid to fly to the adventure seeking adrenaline-junky. This amazing reverse bungee "jump", flying in a spherical cage, 45 metres into the air (higher than a 15 storey building), all bouncing, flipping, plunging and giving you:- one hell of a rush! It is almost as much fun to watch as it is to participate!
To visit Bali Sling Shot online click here


Enter a fascinating world of exotic sights and sounds... Hundreds of the world's rarest and most beautiful birds greet you as you stroll through tropical gardens. Birds aren't the only exciting creatures at the park. Rare Komodo dragons also make their home here. As you stroll throughout the park, your eyes will continually alight on a multitude of diverse palms and rich tropical flora. BALI BIRD PARK is a unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. A must for all the family. Email us for more information

Experience the new way of flying with balloon and explore the sky of Nusa Dua, Bali. Email us for more information

Golf package, vacation & holiday where classic culture meets great golf. Email us for more information


A fantastic day out for all the family, there are six excellent daily cruises to choose from. The Lembongan Island Reef Cruise, the Beach Club Cruise, the Sunset Dinner Cruise, the spectacular trip aboard Aristocat, the Ocean Rafting 3 Island Cruise and Dolphin Cruise. Whichever you choose, you will enjoy some of Bali's best views, a host of exciting activities and a sumptuous buffet. Email us for more information


These can be watched in various places. Some hotels and restaurants have dance performances as entertainment.

Home to hundreds amazing animals representing more than 50 species, including some of rare and endangered species. Combining Balinese cultural ambience with African Savannah, Bali Safari and Marine Park featuresthe following exhibits featuring Sumatran elephant, Sumatran tiger, white tiger, leopard, komodo dragon and cheetah are just some of the fascinating creatures that can be seen at the Bali Safari and Marine Park.
Email us for more information

We take surfing to a whole other level! Paddling is the new way to go!
SUP, or Stand Up Paddle Surf, is an ancient form of surfing that was properly noticed in the 1940s. It can be traced back to the early days of Polynesia and was first seen in the Hawaiian island of Tahiti. The sport was initially put into practise by surfing instructors to manage larger groups of students. They stood up on their boards as it gave them better visibility of what went on around them. The surf coaches used a one-bladed paddle to navigate a normal length surfboard. As time went by, the surfboards grew longer and the paddles were modified. Nowadays, SUPing is becoming extremely popular all over the world because of the sport’s elegant simplicity, quick learning curve and lack of age limit.
Email us for more information

Bali treetop adventure park is a fun activity set in an open air environment for group and family.
Email us for more information

Bali Zoo is home to more than 350 creatures. Situated in the cultural heart of Bali, the zoo is only a ten minute drive from Ubud.
Email us for more information


Bali's newest addition - Paradiso Bowling and Billiard centre has recently opened at the Kuta Centre located in Tuban. Spend a fun filled night with the family. There are 18 bowling lanes with shoe hire available along with 38 pool tables. The centre is open daily from 10am till 2am. Email us for more information


Bali has two cinema's. There is one in the Galleria Shopping Mall in Kuta and Wisata in Denpasar. The cinema in Kuta is located 10 minutes from most major hotels so has easier access. Metered taxi's are available at the entrance.
Email us
for more information


Kids – bring your parents diving! For junior scuba divers B.I.D.P has a special Introduction to Scuba for children.

Bali International Diving Professionals offer courses from the Padi system. 

Eco friendly park operations, education and materials. Email us for more information


A visit to the Elephant Safari Park is a must for any family. Your chance to get up close and personal with these incredible animals in a beautiful tropical park setting. Elephants can be seen immersing themselves in the park lake, in between riding, painting or other activities you can also hand feed them, touch them and take photos with them. Email us for more information


The Go-Karts in Jalan Kartika in Kuta ( opposite the Metro restaurant) look like a hot option during the day but after dark they are a lot of fun. They have both single and double Go-Karts so you can ride with the kids or have a good family race. The children cannot drive if they are under 12 but they can ride with you and have a steer.
Email us
for more information


The kids love this for a bit of fun. It can take quite a while so make sure your child will be able to sit still for the time it takes. It's a great way to have an easy care hair style with all the swimming. The beads might be uncomfortable to sleep in if they are placed on shorter hair.  Also, be aware that the scalp becomes exposed to the sun and can become sunburn.


A manicure might just involve painting flowers on your fingernails or cutting and filing. These are available on the street and make sure you settle on a price before the process starts.

Imagine.You are walking at the ocean bed, admiring the beauty of the sea garden, colorful corals, playing with bright fishes, feeding them from your hand and smiling. Email us for more information


you get to feed the monkeys ( you can buy nuts at the forest). A must for the kids. Be careful not to have loose jewelry or other valuables in easy reach as monkeys are prone to trying to grab them and run off. It can upset young kids.


Located at Nusa Dua, Pitch n Putts is an 18-hole International Standard miniature golf course with a mix of easy and challenging putting fit for all ages and skill. Complete with a Swiss Bakery and Restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pitch n Putts is a great day out.

Submarine Safaris Asia, Ltd. is launching a worldwide fleet of sightseeing submarine, a Tourist Submarine. Once the private realm of divers and scientists such as Jacques Cousteau, the excotic undersea world can now be experienced by people of all ages and physical condition, in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. Email us for more information


There are alot of places on the street that now offer tattoo's that are only temporary. Be very careful if you want to get one of these . Many people are allergic to the chemicals and end up with ugly blisters and some people even end up with scarring. The best way to test if you are allergic is to have a small dot put onto your arm and see if it causes any problems.


Timezone at the Matahari shopping centres for Dad and the kids while you have a look/shop around. It's inexpensive compared to home.


Plenty of local reptiles that you can get close and cozy with. The kids can pick them up and this makes it a great experience. There are also more dangerous creatures in the cages - mega snakes etc. and these are also impressive. This is worth the visit. Email us for more information


Anyone entering a Balinese temple will be required to show respect to the gods by dressing modestly. Skimpy clothing and shorts are unacceptable and you may be required to wear a sarong. These can often be hired at the temple. Sometimes you will be required to give a donation to the temple.


It is a must with the kids. You can do things together and the rides are set up to offer something for all ages. Hint: It is always good to get to Waterbom right on opening at 9 am to get seats near the slides so you can keep an eye on the kids. It can get slippery so they need to be reminded not to run. Email us for more information  


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